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Saves The Day is another band I've been listening to for almost a decade now and has been the theme of every short-lived and failed relationship I've ever had.

This is as "emo" as things get but I don't really care about that silly term. I love these guys and their music for years and it was amazing to finally see them live.

During this week, I was actually on holiday down by Clacton-on-Sea but since this was a once in a very rare opportunity, I decided to take the train from the south back to London for the evening just to see the band. I did get to sleep on my own bed after which is miles better than the crappy caravan beds and left the next morning.

Anyway, the venue was back in Camden, a place I would be visiting a few days later for the Camden Crawl. Specifically, it was the Electric Ballroom. I won't get into the list of bands I've seen here now.

Support for the evening was Dinosaur Pile-Up who turned out to be a surprisingly amazing punk rock band. Their music was pretty tight and they sounded like a band who has been forever despite only having one record under their belt so far. An amazing three-piece band so much so that I saw them 5 days later during Camden Crawl. You should really check them out. Nothing completely unique and mind-blowing inventive about them but I haven't listened to a good punk rock band like them in ages.

While the support band was playing, the place was pretty empty so I managed to push myself as far forward as possible and was almost at the front barrier. Perfect spot. Or so I thought.

Then it was finally time for Saves The Day. Chris looked exactly the same as he did in the At Your Funeral video only chubbier. No Glassjaw members with the band this time as Manny Carrero and Durijah Lang are now back full-time with Glassjaw.

Firefly was a perfect way to open the evening. The starting riff just set the tempo for the evening and got the crowd jumping right from the get-go.

I would love to go through each song individually but it was a long night and was a few weeks ago, so as usual, I'd cheat and list down the setlist which is again grabbed from Setlist.fm. I took a picture of the setlist but it has disappeared from my iPhone.

  • Firefly

  • Shoulder To The Wheel

  • Anywhere With You

  • 1984

  • The End

  • Cars & Calories

  • Let It All Go

  • Third Engine

  • A Drag In D Flat

  • Can't Stay The Same

  • Eulogy

  • Freakish

  • Kaleidoscope

  • Z

  • Nightingale

  • What Went Wrong?

  • Dying Day

  • Deranged & Desperate

  • See You

  • Radio

  • Where Are You?

  • Head For The Hills

  • In Reverie

  • Jessie & My Whetstone

  • Sell My Old Clothes, I'm Off To Heaven

  • Holly Hox, Forget Me Nots

  • Driving In The Dark

  • Rocks Tonic Juice Magic

  • Three Miles Down (encore)

  • At Your Funeral (encore)

Prior to the gig, I was worried the band would mostly play songs from the newer records but thankfully, they didn't. Most of the songs I completely love from them are from Stay What You Are and Through Being Cool.

Freakish and Nightingale were surprises for me as they are both beautiful songs. Rocks Tonic Juice Magic was sung out loud with everyone in the Ballroom. I still think it has the most brilliant lines ever like:

"Let me take this awkward saw and run it against your thighs. Cut some flesh away, I'll carry this piece of you with me"

"My heart is on the floor, why don't you step on it?"

It's simply a thing of beauty, poetic really. You really need to read through the whole lyrics. Or listen to the song.

Closing out with At Your Funeral was perfection. Well, almost.

Despite the brilliant set which spanned the entirety of their records and b-sides, two of my favourite songs were missing namely You Vandal and My Sweet Fracture. Songs which best define my relationships of old.

It was shame not hearing some songs live but I didn't really care after the gig since at that point, I was completely blown away by their amazing performance and the fact that I've finally seen one of my favourite bands for the past decade.

If you go back to the setlist and count, they played 30 songs this evening, that is quite something.

A band who always made me feel better as I sang and screamed along to their songs with every failed attempt at a relationship.

Also, if you would want to hear my actual thoughts after the gig, you can follow this link to Winkball as I was interviewed by them outside Electric Ballroom. You will noticed that my voice is a bit off due to all the singing. It was that kind of evening.

Now playing: Saves the Day - Freakish


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