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Thursday at KCLSU. April 19, 2011.

March 2007 was the date when Thursday payed their last headlining show in London. On April 2007, I moved to London coming from Manila. Missed by a month.

In May 2008, Thursday played two shows in the Philippines, one in Manila and the other in Camarines Sur. It was quite an ordeal listening to everyone's stories about it.

It wasn't until April of 2009 that I finally had the chance to see Thursday perform live. This was no headlining show though as they supported Taking Back Sunday for Give It A Name 2009.

Last year, they supported Rise Against at Brixton. Despite seeing them twice already, they don't count as proper Thursday shows as they were only support acts which means playing 6-7 songs.

In hindsight, I did get to hear Jet Black New Year live twice now.

This 2011, they finally announced a headlining show at KCLSU and I was quick to buy tickets even though Asobi Seksu was playing on the same day. There was no contest between the two as I've seen headline Asobi Seksu twice. It was a shame though as they also had a new album.

Speaking of new albums, Thursday released No Devolucion recently which has turned out to be quite a crazy good record despite being experimental and light years different than all the other records they've made. Thursday with synths? Unheard of.

The venue was KCLSU which is a pretty intimate venue with cheap (in London) beer.

First support was Attack! Vipers! which is another post-hardcore band. Yes, I am too old for this stuff.

Second support was a slightly familiar band, Circa Survive, and throughout their set I was thinking who they supported before as I was pretty sure I've seen them before. It was a choice between Funeral For A Friend and Taking Back Sunday. Further investigation when I got home proved it was Taking Back Sunday at the now demolished Astoria.

Their set was much fun and Anthony's unusual vocals and antics on stage are always fun to watch. I haven't listened to them in years and would have to find the time to do so at some point.

Like most bands with new albums, Thursday started the evening with a new song, Fast To The End, which is the first track of their new album. This was then followed by an assault of more new songs; Magnets Caught In A Metal Heart, No Answers and Past And Future Remains.

With the new songs introduced to the crowd, it was time for some old songs. As it's the 10 year anniversary of Full Collapse, Thursday's debut album, they've been doing Full Collapse tours in the US where the album is played in it's entirety in the correct order.

Despite the new flavour and brilliance of No Devolucion, Full Collapse is still Thursday's best album and the crowd (and I) were more than ready for it, singing (screaming) along to every song.

The whole album was one big highlight but if I have to be forced to specify songs it would be Paris In Flames and Wind-Up both of which I finally heard live.

For their encore, they played Turnpike Divides from their new album. Would have loved to hear Jet Black New Year again but this evening was absolutely fantastic as it was.

Finally seeing Thursday perform a headlining show was quite an experience especially with all the new songs and the whole Full Collapse album.

It needs to be mentioned that Geoff's epic mic flailing was drastically less this evening.

I would always be in line to watch Thursday live and do a proper headline show where they play random songs from all their albums.

Yes, I just made up an excuse to see Thursday again. Not that I really needed to anyway.