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Glassjaw at The Forum. March 30, 2011.

Four years ago, I watched Glassjaw perform an iconic show at Brixton Academy on 7.7.7 (July 7, 2007). It was an amazing show.

On this gig four years ago, they mentioned work is being done on their already highly anticipated 3rd studio album. The last album, Worship And Tribute, was released almost a decade ago in 2002.

Four years later, there is still no news of it. Our Color Green EP was released earlier this year as a taste of songs they already had some of which where played back in 2007 at Brixton.

It is pretty much an understatement that fans are eagerly anticipating this album so when Glassjaw announced their show at The Forum, I immediately purchased tickets. It's Glassjaw and it was on my day off so buying a ticket was a no-brainer.

To add, Glassjaw also mentioned that this show would be the launch of another EP called Coloring Book which would be handed out to attendees after the show.

Not that I would even miss the show in the first place, but it would be another landmark Glassjaw show which I would be a part of like Brixton on 7.7.7.

A taste of a new track, Gold, was streaming from their site for a month. Listening to the track was a magical experience.

Support for the evening was a death metal band called Napalm Death who hail from Birmingham and have been around almost as long as I have walked the face of this planet we call earth.

Despite the fact that they've been around forever, I've never heard of them before and most of this can be blamed on their genre. I've never been a death metal fan and their set, although entertaining to watch, didn't really do anything for me. Decent, but not my cup of tea. Not by a mile.

The usual wait in between bands but Glassjaw came on stage soon enough.

This time there was no 4-5 minute intro with the lights dimmed and the band slowly building up the crowd.

Instead, they kicked off the evening right away with You Think You're (John Fucking Lennon). It started out with much intensity which stayed at this level although the night.

Unfortunately, I was nursing a sprained wrist (which I still am 3 weeks after) so didn't participate much with the crowd moshing, pushing and shoving. I tried to stand back and simply enjoy the brilliance which is Glassjaw.

Here's the full setlist as once again, I've left this write-up in the cold for far too long. Again, it's from Setlist.fm.

  • You Think You're (John Fucking Lennon)

  • Tip Your Bartender

  • Mu Empire

  • Stars

  • Ape Dos Mil

  • The Gillette Calvalcade of Sports

  • Pink Roses

  • Jesus Glue

  • Natural Born Farmer

  • All Good Junkies Go To Heaven

  • El Mark

  • Convectuoso

  • Two Tabs of Mescaline

  • Siberian Kiss

  • Black Nurse (2nd set)

  • Gold (2nd set)

  • Vanilla Poltergeist Snake (2nd set)

  • Miracle In Inches (2nd set)

  • Stations Of The New Cross (2nd set)

  • Daytona White (2nd set)

As you notice, there was no Cosmopolitan Bloodloss which was quite a bummer. The first set was the creme of the crop when it comes to Glassjaw songs with songs from Our Color Green thrown in for good measure.

If I had to pick two other songs from the set as highlights, I'd go for Ape Dos Mil and All Good Junkies Go To Heaven.

Glassjaw left the stage after Siberian Kiss and of course, everyone chanted for an encore.

What we got was so much more than just an encore. Glassjaw came back on stage and played all 6 of their new songs from The Coloring Book EP in succession as listed on the EP.

Gold was pure brilliance and was magical to hear live. They ended the evening with Daytona White which is a great but somewhat slow song.

As it was new, nobody really new the song and there wasn't much intensity to it. It's not the kind of song you'd close an evening with.

The evening was great and Glassjaw was on top form. The new songs were absolutely perfect but they could have closed with a song which should have brought us to such a height and then just dropped. Cosmopolitan Bloodloss would have done this.

With the show over, I bought a shirt as my old 7.7.7. shirt was handed over to a friend in Manila. Trying to restrain myself from buying gig shirts as I already have a ton and they are quite expensive compared to Threadless shirts but this was a special night and it is Glassjaw.

As I walked out the door, a copy of The Coloring Book was handed over to me, a reminder of another historic night with Glassjaw, a band I've seen as many times as I've been back in London (FOUR).

Note: A quick search online (Amazon.co.uk, Amazon.com, and Glassjaw.com) seems to show that The Coloring Book EP is not available online. Ace!

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