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There are bands whom I will never outgrow despite my gradual shift from post-hardcore to indie rock. If I were to listen to a new post-hardcore band, there's a 90% chance I would not listen to them again.

Among them are Funeral For A Friend, Glassjaw, Saves The Day, Taking Back Sunday, and Thursday, all of which I'll be seeing again this year which is one of the hundred reasons which make 2011 such an incredible year.

On the 25th of March it was time for Funeral For A Friend whom I've seen three times already, the best of which was their farewell show to Darren last year at Shepherd's Bush Empire where they played Casually Dressed and Deep In Conversation in it's entirety. This was such an amazing show but regrettably, I had seats so didn't enjoy the mayhem.

The venue this time was Relentless Garage in Highbury and Islington, a venue I have not been to since the Witchita 10 year anniversary show with Los Campesinos!

First support was a band called Tiger Please whom I never heard off before but turned out to be pretty fun to watch. Neat tunes and good singing. The only thing which really bothered me was the vocalists ridiculously stupid hair which he had to part every few seconds from his face. It was distracting to say the least. Check the video for their song, Autumn Came The Fall to see what I mean.

Sadly, now that I'm listening to them again on Myspace, they remind me of Kings of Leon which is not a good thing. With that said, I'll try to remember their name and listen to them more at some point.

Second support was a metalcore band (as per wikipedia entry) called Rise To Remain. To make things simple, I'm just going to say that I did not like them at all. I guess I'm too all for this kind of music. I'd continue to listen to screaming bands I've known since I was younger but I don't think I can ever appreciate a new one at this point.

With a new record out in the last few weeks called Welcome Home Armageddon, one would expect Funeral For A Friend to open with a new song but they started the evening with Roses For The Dead. Again. I am pretty sure that in the 4 times I've seen them, they have started every show with Roses For The Dead. It's not a bad song at all, as it's really, really good but come one, a little variety would be lovely. Surprise us.

They followed this with another favourite, Rookie Of The Year before finally settling into a new song entitled Sixteen.

Here's the setlist courtesy of Setlist.fm to make things easier for everyone as I really can't write properly and it has already been an eternity since this gig.

  • Roses For The Dead

  • Rookie Of The Year

  • Sixteen

  • Juneau

  • Aftertaste

  • The End Of Nothing

  • Serpents In Solitude

  • Red Is The New Black

  • Damned If You Do, Dead If You Don't

  • Monsters

  • History

  • Spinning Over The Island

  • Into Oblivion (Reunion) (encore)

  • Front Row Seats To The End Of The World (encore)

  • Escape Artists Never Die (encore)

As you may notice, only 5 songs come from the new record and the rest are crowd favourites spanning songs from their career. To note, there are no songs from Memory And Humanity which is probably their weakest album but hearing either Kicking and Screaming or Maybe I Am? would have been a treat.

The Garage is usually a sauna during gigs but this time, the venue was quite cool. I did avoid the moshpit which got a bit crazy.

Funeral For A Friend will always be a band I enjoy to see love, singing along to favourites such as Monsters, History, Juneau, etc. Gigs and bands like this get my heart racing and make me feel alive, and this evening, Funeral For a Friend didn't disappoint.

With the last record, they sound as good as they did years ago despite changes in their lineup. It's nice to see a band like them still go on and create music.

Now playing: Funeral For A Friend - Man Alive


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