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That's the number of times I've seen Two Door Cinema Club perform live which is the most for any band since I moved back to London.

Thrice as support for Foals (2x) and Phoenix. Thrice headlining their own show starting at a small venue, Hoxton Square Bar, then moving up to Shepherd's Bush Empire.

On March 12, I saw them at Roundhouse for their biggest headlining show to date. It's amazing how far they've reached in just a year.

For support bands this evening, they choose bands whom they quite admired and this was quite a marvelous surprise. It's been quite sometime since I've totally marveled at support bands whom I've never heard before and this night introduced me to two fantastic ones.

The first support band was called Dry the River and they sounded heavenly. Their music is described as indie, gospel, and folk. I quite enjoyed their music, the guitars, violin and the singing all blended pretty well. It was a very interesting set from this new band.

For the second support band, close to 20 people came up on stage. 2-0. That's a lot of people on a stage for a band but the stage in Roundhouse was just about to handle them all. Around 10 were back up singers which is a bit unnecessary in my opinion. It's somewhat like having every friend you have in the band just for kicks.

With that said, these guys put on an incredible show worthy of a headlining act. The band is called I'm From Barcelona (Fawlty Towers reference) whose members are actually from Sweden. According to their online biography, 29 people collectively worked on their records. 2-9. Insanity. The actual number of people on tour depends on who is available.

Despite the sheer number of members in the band, I'm From Barcelona put on an incredibly enjoyable set. Their music is a bit catchy and pop worthy which added to the fun. The choreographed moves while they sang Treehouse was more than amusing.

The experience of seeing them live is comparable to the first time I saw Broken Social Scene live. BSS has considerably less members than I'm From Barcelona. I highly recommend visiting their Myspace page and listening to their music. Youtube provides a lovely perspective of how insane they can get on stage yet produce quality music.

That was quite a write-up for a support band who has been around longer than the headliner. No wonder TDCC admired them.

On to the headliners then. After seeing them 5 times already with no new albums yet, I knew more or less what to expect. This didn't water down the experience though.

What ruined the evening for me was the crowd. For some reason, the popularity of TDCC has continued to attract a significantly bad crowd. During their show at Shepherd's Bush, a lot where young kids who thankfully behaved themselves a little. This evening, there were those who I'd call asbos, so rowdy and picking fights. It was horrible and I tried hard to stay out of their stupid circle pits of death.

There is no setlist on Setlist.fm for the Roundhouse show but it is comparable to this one from Barrowlands, Scotland.

With one album released so far, Tourist History, most of the songs from this album were performed with a few new ones thrown in for good measure.

For probably the 5 time, they started their show with Cigarettes in the Theatre and closed with I Can Talk which is not bad, just predictable. The rest is just a blur now.

This show was simply the best show they've put on which marks how far they've gone. When I saw them at Hoxton, the drummer was just included in the live line-up and things turned a bit awkward. Now, you can clearly hear and feel that they are one band. You can hardly hear the beat machine anymore, that is if one is still used.

Save for the ridiculously rowdy crowd, I enjoyed this show as much as all the other times I've seen them.

Unfortunately, this maybe the last time I see them especially if they play at a larger venue like Brixton. Of course, this would change if they release a new album and do a tour for that. Or play at a smaller, more intimate venue.