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Cut Copy at HMV Forum. March 6, 2011.

Not entirely sure how Cut Copy found itself in my music reason but there it was with a few plays alongside.

When I noticed the show at The Forum being for sale, I checked my calendar, noticed it was a day off from work, and immediately purchased a ticket. This immediate purchase of tickets for almost any band I've remotely heard about which falls on my day off is starting to be a disturbing trend.

A few weeks before the show I was starting to wonder why I had tickets to their show. A few listens to their new album, Zonoscope, convinced me that this would be quite an interesting and fun show especially with my recent liking of electronic music.

HMV Forum is more than just a familiar venue now. Prior to gig starting, I recalled my previous experiences at the venue which included shows by Bloc Party, Deftones, Coheed and Cambria, Broken Social Scene, Wolf ParadeFriendly Fires, and of course the NYE party with Foals. Saying it's a memorable venue is quite an understatement now.

Support for the evening was Holy Ghost!, another electronic band much in the same veins as of Cut Copy. This was one of the few occasions wherein the support act was in the same genre as the headliner. Their set was pretty impressive and provided just the right reinforcement and buildup to the main act.

In recent gigs, I've noticed an influx of synth-based/electro music and simply categorise them as good and bad. Holy Ghost! falls in the good side of things.

During the break, one would clearly notice a huge white door in the middle of the stage. Now that I think about it, it sort of reminds me of the doors which pop up in random places in the BBC show Being Human. It was just there, smack in the middle, which led to questions as to what the hell it was for.

The lights then dimmed to indicate the few seconds before the band members walk on stage. Frontman Dan Whitford walked through the door which proved it was a functional door with hinges. During the set, the door's white surface was used as a screen for some vivid images.

Here's the full setlist again from Setlist.fm.

  • Nobody Lost, Nobody Found

  • Where I'm Going

  • So Haunted

  • Corner of the Sky

  • Lights & Music

  • Take Me Over

  • Pharaohs & Pyramids

  • Saturdays

  • Hearts on Fire

  • Sun God

  • Need You Now

  • Out There on the Ice

Opening the evening with an older song, Nobody Lost, Nobody Found, was pretty adequate and sufficiently set up the evening.

As their new album Zonoscope was released only a few weeks before this gig, half of the songs from their set where from this album. Older songs from their two previous albums, In Ghost Colours and Bright Like Neon Love, were thrown in the mix to create a nice amalgam which almost had a continuous beat, flow and tempo.

Highlights of the evening were Lights & Music, Hearts On Fire, and their encore which consisted of Need You Now and Out There On The Ice.

Every song in their set fit perfectly and the end result was one incredible evening. One song just flowed flawlessly to the next.

The crowd was fairly decent as well. Only some light dancing and no mindless moshing from kids. Bands like this draw crowds who knows and appreciates their music well.

Despite having doubts as to why I initially purchased tickets for the show, I had such a great evening watching these guys perform. Their music was put together so well and they simply sounded so great live.

It's nice to have a band like them around which for older people, bring back memories of New Order and the 1980s. I was too young back then, so this gives me a chance to travel to time and sort of experience things back then.

I doubt I'll go out of my way to see them again live but if they do play a show in London again which falls on my day off, I might just see them again.