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The title of this blog post is a bit misleading as The Hundred In The Hands were not headlining the show at Queen Elizabeth Hall. Unfortunately, they were simply supporting a bunch of DJ acts which was quite a disappointment for me.

Thing is, this was their only London show during their European tour so I simply had to go as I managed to miss them support !!! (chk chk chk) when they played in London last year as I was on holiday in Tenerife.

I've been dying to see this duo live and in their natural setup ever since I chanced upon them at a bandstand busk last year. As it was a bandstand busk, it was a completely striped down version but was absolutely beautiful. Fell in love with them (and Eleanore) right then and there.


There was a moment of skepticism about purchasing tickets as they where only support acts for a DJ show which isn't my thing at all. Considering the day was on my day off, I decided to go for it.

The venue was at the Front Room of the Queen Elizabeth Hall at the Southbank Centre. Nothing so special about the venue but it was fairly adequate as a music venue for urk, club nights. As it was a DJ and club event, it was a very late show.

At close to 9 in the evening, doors were still not open. The front room overlooked the Thames and had a huge window and you could easily see inside. When I arrived in the area, The Hundred In The Hands was still doing their soundchecks.

Doors eventually opened but there was hardly anyone at the venue yet. This was good as I was able to stand and stay right in the front of the stage.

While waiting for The Hundred In The Hands to start, another DJ was playing who I believe goes by the monicker Stopmakingme. In fairness, his mix of tunes was quite enjoyable and so much better than the random bits of music other music venues play whilst in between acts.

At some point, the duo came up on stage but continued to tinker with their instruments. It was not until almost 10 in the evening when they started to play.

And in the blink of an eye, their set was over.

As a support act, they only had 30 minutes on stage and this equated to around 5-6 songs. They didn't play Last City which is my current favourite from their self-titled debut album. Heck, they didn't even play Pigeons which was one of their released songs.

Still, the 30 minutes they had on stage was pure joy for me. I really enjoyed watching the band perform songs for their self-titled album and older EPs.

From what I remember, they played Young Aren't Young, Lovesick (Once Again), Dressed In Dresden, Ghosts, Tom Tom, and Commotion. Not a hundred percent sure, but I'd go with this.

A ridiculously short set, but it was simply brilliant.

Eleanore's singing is somewhat hypnotic which is mixed in with her lovely dancing while Jason provided some simple yet effective riffs on his guitar and synth samples.

Short but sweet and I would pay to see these guys again. I would be great if they'd headline their own show even at a small London venue but a supporting act would be more than welcome as long as it's for a band.

Of course, the evening did not end with The Hundred In The Hands.

An act consisting of two DJs followed after. The ticket says they are Matias Aguayo and Daniel Maloso collaborating for an act which they call Cómeme. To be fair, these guys weren't bad at all and were fairly decent.

I tried to stay close to the stage with a pint of beer whilst dancing a bit but after the pint was finished, I left as dancing alone to a bunch of DJs was a bit off putting.

A third pint of lager would have been nice but I was 10p short of change and didn't want to break any bills. Took this as a sign to leave. I really couldn't get into the music at this point, it clearly wasn't my scene anymore. It was past 11 in the evening and they still weren't done.

It's clear that rockers go home earlier than clubbers in London.

The ticket says Juan MacLean was on the bill but obviously, I was no longer around for this. I did enjoy the lovely walk along the Thames from Southbank Centre to Westminster. London sure is pretty at night.

For some, this maybe seen as a waste of money as I really just saw one band perform for more or less 30 minutes. I would say no.

The Hundred In The Hands is a great band whom I enjoy tremendously. The 30 minutes, though certainly lacking, was enough to satiate my appetite for the band.

Funny thing is, when I was in the tube, there was an article on the newspaper about the event like it was such a big deal. I guess I just didn't know and care about the DJs for the evening and was really interested in the small band from New York who supported them in what was shamefully their only London show.

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